Essentials for Your Next Yoga Retreat


Worldly explorers looking for a different kind of peak experience will find clarity and rejuvenation at any of our luxury yoga retreats. Some attend for the ambiance; seeking a place to recharge, find space, and recenter. Others come for the cuisine and luxurious accommodations offered by our retreats.  

Whatever your reason for joining us on one of our upcoming exotic adventures, there are a few items that are essential to making sure you are prepared for maximum relaxation, comfort, and of course, a stellar downward dog.  


Mats and Accessories

No one knows your body as you do.  Spending some extra time and attention on selecting the proper mat will make a big difference in your retreat experience. Your mat should provide the ultimate support and comfort, something that can grow with you. If you have sensitive knees, the thickness of your mat is important, particularly for longer sessions. 

Yoga towels can provide extra cushion while also providing support and protection from slippage if you are prone to sweating during your practice. Design, texture, and print on your yoga mat allow you to express yourself as an individual.


What Our Team Recommends

JadeYoga Voyager Yoga Mat

“Best travel mat out there - light, durable, easy to clean and completely non-slip. I also LOVE how Jade mats are 100% eco-friendly - pure and non-toxic!” - Nina

IUGA Non-Slip Yoga Towel

“I tend to work up a sweat during yoga - especially when I'm practicing in a hot studio or hot climate while traveling.  I have found yoga towels to be a game-changer! The towel helps my hands and feet from slipping on my mat. This particular yoga towel has a pocket on the corners to help keep it in place on your mat.  The hand towel is nice to wipe your face so you can see what you're doing!” - Erika

Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball

“This ball is a must for travel because it relieves tight muscles and can be used anywhere - on the plane, on retreat or at home.  I use them to target tight muscles in my neck, back, and glutes. I take them with me on every trip!” - Gayle

Appropriate Clothing

Your favorite pants, stretchy, flexible work out clothes, and comfortable footwear covers most of the essentials, but a comfortable cover-up or shawl might be your best friend once your body starts to cool down after a long session. Make sure to bring clothes for days spent hiking, walking and exploring the natural beauty around us.

What Out Team Recommends

Rothy’s Shoes

“One of my first rules of yoga retreats is pack light- lighter than you think!  And never bring more than 2 pairs of shoes! I always bring a pair of Rothy's shoes on retreat.  They can be dressed up or down, are super lightweight, comfortable for all-day walking (good on excursion days), and can even be machine washed.  They are also made from recycled water bottles and are focused on sustainability and eco-friendly products and packaging. Plus, it's great to support fellow local San Francisco based businesses.” - Danielle

Maximizing Suitcase Space

Proper preparation is key to a fulfilling and relaxing time on retreat, but it is also important to balance necessities and not overpack. Find versatile clothing and footwear that can be used for a variety of activities, from yoga to hiking to glamorous dinners in breathtaking environs. 


What Our Team Recommends

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag

“Backpack Duffel - This is my Mary Poppins bag that miraculously holds everything imaginable! I have actually lived out of this bag for months. It is indestructible, versatile, and lightweight. It's great for when you don't want to waste weight or volume on a heavy, structured bag. It also stuffs under the seat on the plane for a perfect footrest that shoes won't scuff or damage. There are not many pockets and compartments inside for organization, though, so I always pack with packing cubes.” - Lauren

Hynes Eagle Travel Compression Packing Cubes

“These packing cubes are an organizational must!  I use them to help me separate my "type" of clothes such as workout, non-workout, pjs, etc.  The breathable mesh fabric helps me remember what group of clothes I packed into each cube. Plus the cubes compress nicely and let me maximize my space.” - Erika

Odds and Ends for an Optimal Experience

A Yoga retreat is as much about internal reflection and self-exploration as it is about exploring the lush surroundings. Meditation, journaling, reading, and socializing are all core activities for which time is provided. 


What Our Team Recommends

RothbyrnsCreative Journals

“I always bring a travel journal with me on a yoga retreat- being on retreat gives me the gift of time to reflect, document my adventures, and think about some big, exciting ideas for the future.  I also love to support small businesses, and one of my favorites is Rothbyrns Creative- owned by Danielle Rothman, a modern calligrapher. I first met her at Artists & Fleas in Chelsea, NYC, a shop that showcases local artists and craftspeople.  She'll make you a custom and personalized travel journal with her beautiful calligraphy- and these are pretty to collect, use for yourself, or give as gifts for fellow travelers!” - Danielle

simplysitting Handcrafted Meditation Bench

“I have been frequently teased for packing furniture in my carry on, in the form of an old huge wooden meditation bench! When I discovered this tiny lightweight stool that collapses flat, I knew I would never travel without it again. It allows for a balanced even seat, with a long spine. The only drawback is that it's not padded, so for longer meditation sessions, I sit on a folded up shawl for a cushion.” - Lauren

Personalized Packing

Your Yoga Retreat is going to be about finding that tranquility, experiencing the silence, and rejuvenating your senses to go back into the real world, feeling refreshed and full of life. Packing the essentials will just make your time there that much more enjoyable… and luxurious. 

What are some of your favorites?