Recharge & Celebrate Exotic Yoga Retreats Style ~ On Our Annual Christmas and New Year’s Retreats in Mexico!

Exotic Yoga Retreats Mexico yoga retreat

Travel and retreats are fast becoming one of the modern ways people around the world prefer to celebrate holidays such as Christmas and New Years. People come solo, in couples and in all variations of “family” to celebrate the holidays in a spirit of peace, gratitude and connection. Retreating to a stunning eco-resort outside of Puerto Vallarta reachable only by boat, experience a restorative, energizing and joyous time with like-minded yoga and nature-lovers from around the world. We are a big group on these two retreats; often numbering up to 50!

Our growing Exotic Yoga Retreats family has been building a repertoire of meaningful and fun rituals designed to bring family, old friends and new friends together in true holiday spirit. We would love to share a few of these rituals in hopes that they inspire you to embrace your own version of meaningful holiday traditions.

Exotic Yoga Retreats Christmas and New Years yoga retreat Mexico


Close to thirty years ago Exotic Yoga Retreats founder, Gayle Olson, started a tradition of “going inside” over Christmas and New Years. She used to travel to India and Myanmar over this time and adopt strict ashram rules of silence, meditation and reflection. Over the years, Gayle has shifted her focus to an embrace of nature, fun and sun by rooting the holiday yoga retreat in Mexico. This retreat is a time to vacate your everyday life and habits, immerse yourself in the healing energy of nature and to soak in much needed relax time to remember what is truly important to you at this time in life.


When on retreat in Mexico we come together in a spirit of community in so many ways throughout a day. Connection is fostered in yoga classes, jungle hikes, paddle-boarding in the waves, savoring delicious meals over meaningful conversations, and in our tradition of ‘the evening toast’. One courageous person stands up and offers a toast to the group —it may be a poignant reflection, a personal anecdote or even just something funny from the day. It’s this beautiful moment when everyone is present, everyone is appreciating the preciousness of this moment together.


Each Christmas the Xinalani staff invest energy and care in preparing a very special Christmas Eve meal for our multicultural family. The food is always nourishing, fresh, delicious and made with love. The generosity the Xinalani staff display through this preparation is touching and inspiring. We love to receive this with open hearts and try our best to reciprocate.


Each Christmas holiday and New Years Eve we invite you to a beachside and starlit ‘fire ceremony’, a unique and ancient medium for ‘going inside’ and tapping into our deeper selves.


We set intentions of ‘Peace, Generosity and Gratitude’ on our Christmas Holiday Retreat, and focus on ‘Letting Go and Manifesting’ on our New Years retreat. These intentions are woven into the themes of our daily yoga classes, meditations and engaged dinner conversations.

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