How to Ensure You Rejuvenate Mind and Body on Holiday


The end of December and the transition into New Years is a holiday time for most. Regardless of culture or religious orientation, this is an internationally recognized time to take a break as businesses, schools, courts and governments close down for a few weeks. For some this is a time to spend with family, for others with friends, or travelling. 

There are endless movies and songs depicting the perfect break from work, family time, and getaways. However, the reality is that this period can be outrageously stressful and busy! Moreover, we feel pressure to eat, drink and be merry. Whilst eating delicious foods and relaxing with a few glasses of wine is most certainly good for the soul, when done in excess, it tends to drain us of energy and make one feel fuzzy headed and toxic.

The reality is that by the end of December, many of us are close to burn out after a busy year. Many of our work commitments ramp up in November and early December in order to meet year end deadlines, and tie up projects. Even if you haven’t had an insanely busy year end at work, there is a mental fatigue that comes with knowing that things are reaching an end - the year is closing. What many of us need in this time is not an endless conveyor belt of parties, taxing socialising and family drama. What many of us need is the space and time to rejuvenate, clear our minds of the accumulation of preoccupations from the year gone past, and ready ourselves for the year to come.

We have all been in that position where we begin our everyday routine in January after a year end break, and we feel we are already a step behind! This is stressful in itself, before all the other pressures in life begin to mount. At Exotic Yoga Retreats, we have spoken to many of our clients and guests over the years, and this feeling of toxicity and frenzied stress in early January is something they fear, loathe, and unfortunately have experienced many times over.

Christmas 2019 Yoga Retreat Mexico

So how can we break this cycle and begin 2020 on a different footing?

We know all too well how many of you are exhausted by this time of year and are seeking an alternative vacation, away from the conventional habits of excessive indulgence, social pressure and further fatigue. We have come to learn that there are three key factors in creating the most rejuvenating, pleasurable and fulfilling year end getaway:

Healthy balance

Blend daily exercise such as yoga, walking, and swimming with delicious, nutritious fresh food. Re-energising is not achieved through starving ourselves or forcing our bodies into an exercise rigid regimen, nor is it achieved through over-indulgence. We feed the mind, body and soul when we get the balance right between joyful regular exercise, delicious fresh foods, and relaxed, unprepared connection with like-minded people.

Nature immersion

Trees and the ocean are the lungs of the planet. Imagine our earth as a whole living organism and the forests and oceans are its lungs and heartbeat. When we are immersed in pristine natural environments we are fed energetically by our surroundings. We also give ourselves the opportunity to detox from the pollution of urban spaces (air, noise, light, electromagnetic) that tire us out and tax our internal biological and mental eco-systems.

Fruitful reflection

In order to feel refreshed and ready for the new chapter that is each new year, it is essential that we give ourselves the gift of time alone. This doesn’t have to be some crazy pilgrimage on your own, but a little time each day to journal, or reflect, or read alone in a hammock over looking the ocean - these are the practices that allow us to to digest mental energy and be ready for what is to come.

We have integrated and maximised these three key ingredients in our spectacular yoga holidays over December and New Years. Join us and a cosmopolitan group of like-minded people from around the world in a stunning eco-resort in Mexico to celebrate life, and start 2020 on the best possible way - energized, refreshed and connected!